Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

If you are scouting for the best Android emulators to use on your PC, then you have come to the right place. There is an excellent variety to choose from, as we shall see shortly. An android emulator is important to you because you can use it to fix computer errors and abnormalities in your work station. You can access Android-based games on a far bigger monitor; your usage on the PC won’t experience battery charging limitations experienced on the phone. It’s easier to run multiple apps and manage them on a PC using an android emulator as opposed to a cumbersome phone. Lastly, an android emulator enables you to use the powerful capabilities of a PC, including the mouse and the keyboard that takes the game’s experience to a top-notch level. To save you the anguish for the search, we have highlighted the best Android emulators for your below, but before we gather full momentum, it’s good to understand what’s an Emulator.

What’s is an Android Emulator?

An Android emulator is computer equipment or a computer program that allows the server computer to operate as the recipient computer. It permits the server computer to utilize the outermost parts or operating system tailored for the recipient computer. The server computer mimics the recipient’s computer. They are mainly used by gamers, developers, and for productivity. You can find more Android emulators on InsaIndia.


It’s a widely recognized android emulator and is popular amongst players. Framing-up BlueStacks is simple, and it’s available from the play store and BlueStacks apps store. With this Android emulator, you have the leeway to align your existing keyboard to a QWERTY keyboard. The downside of BlueStacks is that it’s slow if the work station is not high end and has numerous advertisements that can put you off if you have not subscribed to the premium version. The latest version of Bluestacks operates on android 7.1.2. (in terms of Nougat). Bluestacks was amongst the first developers of Android emulators. The pre-loaded Google play store has more than two million video games and applications. Another feature of Bluestacks is that it has a soft spot for video gamers. If there is one feature that Bluestack scores highly, then it’s the harmonious integration of prowess, pictorial functionality, and electronic conversion of data, which gives it an edge over other emulators. One of the BlueStacks marketing gimmicks is that it’s six-fold faster than a top-range smartphone. For BlueStacks to run smoothly, your work station must have at least Windows seven or a higher version,2 GB Random Access Memory (RAM), an Intel processor, and you must have admin rights to your workstation.

Bluestacks Android Emulator

Retail price: Trial/Purchase price $ 2 per month

Advantages of Bluestacks

  • Easy to install
  • Assistance for numerous profiles is accessible.
  • Versatile as it can operate like an android phone
  • Live broadcast to manifest your video game prowess to your fans.
  • Live-feed to Facebook live through BlueStacks TV.
  • Well-suited for both Windows and Mac
  • Consistent updates provided.
  • It outclasses most other Andriod emulators in terms of games’ competitiveness.

2.Nox App Player

It runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat that provides superb results and an excellent array of features that you need to familiarise yourself with before you reap the enticing benefits that Nox has to offer. It’s ideal for playing enormous games like PUBG, FPS, or Justice League games. This emulator allows you to align keys on your keyboard, mouse, and gamepad; better still, you may allocate keyboard keys for the motion, for example, have a get round route or to enable swiping. Another useful feature of the Nox App player is the fact that you can designate the utilization of the CPU and the RAM to yield top-end performance. Taking control if you are an administrator is easy and swift if you are using this Android emulator. Besides, the keyboard and gamepad allow you to retrieve an earlier episode on the screen to play or to automate a task that’s tedious and repetitive to carry out physically. You can scale-up the Nox App player to Nougat. If you have suitability issues with certain games in terms of graphics, you can oscillate between OpenGL and Direct X.Nox has pre-loaded Google App store assistance that facilitates the transfer of Android Package Kits (APKs) to the Nox player for set-up purpose. The diverse nature of its features allows you to operate numerous versions of Androids concurrently. Still, It’s advisable not to carry out a multitude of tasks all at once because it can be overwhelmed. The IT Gurus have expressed concern that the Nox App player is bloated with unnecessary stuff that is difficult to remove and that some elements in it might pose a security concern to the system. For the Nox App player to function efficiently, your PC must at least have 1.5 GB RAM, Windows XP, or Windows 7 or above, and it will be helpful if the PC has an Intel Dual-core, or AMD. You can access Nox without a charge.

3.Gameloop Emulators

The newest edition of Gamaloop is Android emulator Its factory-installed features allow you to harness your system’s execution, assist in finding friends effortlessly on the internet that you can play games with, and an in-built leeway for viewing live transmission on Nimotv and Nanolive services. You’ll be happy to learn that it’s comes equipped at the factory level with games interest groups and acquaintances planning that leads to improved and orderly live games. Evolvement has seen this emulator change from Tencent Gaming Buddy to what it’s courtesy of sole assistance rendered to a phone game on a PC called Call of Duty. Before the inception of the Capacity on demand (COD), Gameloop could only function with PUBG and some other entertainment from Tencent Developer. Gameloop targets a niche area, which is Android games and does not support other Androids apps, and syncs well with Windows work stations. Even with its full allegiance to Android games, it still lacks a rich collection of games from which to choose, but it’s available at no cost. Installation and operation of Gameloop are user-friendly, but it’s not perceived ideal for carrying out trials.

Advantages of Gameloop Emulators

  • Outstanding execution.
  • A business associate of Call Of Duty.
  • Good harmonization of the keypad and mouse.


It’s a top-end result yielding an emulator for windows that runs on Android Lollipop. Sadly, it’s pre-loaded with Android Jellybean 4.2, and scaling it up to Lollipop needs access to further kits. Its suitability with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia enabled workstations to give it a competitive edge. Google play store is pre-installed, which allows you to surf and access your preferred games and android applications. Similarly, it’s synonymous with Android package Kit (APK), and this enables you to access any APK folder from any location. Moreover, you can transfer any useful apps you come across to your cellular phone using a universal serial bus(USB) code.MEmu allows keypad mapping, and therefore, you may allot specific keys on the screen for the touch purpose. More importantly, it has an entire screen look and enables retrieval of past screenshots for replay. The keyboard and the mouse are well incorporated, but the downside to MEmu is that it comes loaded with an aged edition of Android, which necessitates up-grading to a higher version of Lollipop.

5. Remix OS Player

Remix OS player operates on a relatively new Android called Marshmallow and is compatible with both Windows and Mac, which gives it an upper hand. Upon installation, you will be able to see a unique and enticing link that comprises of a toolbar and a quick alternative route to access the downloaded android applications. It keeps you at par with the latest released games by sending you the hints. Just like other emulators, you can access the games on the Google play store at no cost, and its Game Toolkit spices the entertainment further. Buttons usage is more pronounced than the touch, and this gives a thrill to gamers. There is an option to designate individual keys for specific functions that enable you to enjoy several games on the monitor concurrently. If you are a games’ Guru, then you will find this emulator to be an excellent platform to tests features that suit your needs as it has a lot of room to accommodate improvisation and not to mention that it has a soft spot for games apps. The challenge with it is that it doesn’t work with AMD Chipset and needs virtualization technology to function. For it to operate efficiently, you will need at least 2 GB of RAM,2 GHz Dual-core processor, and 8 GB of the hard drive.

Why settle for Remix OS Player

  • Captivating Android entertainment.
  • Recently developed folder Organiser.
  • Ideal for productivity applications.

6. LeapDroid

Some quarters have it that Google founded it while others claim that its founders joined Google and abandoned the emulator, but you can obtain it from other places. Despite this, it’s still a force to reckon with when it comes to android apps. Its features comprise Android 4.4 KitKat, Advanced On-Board Signal Processor(AOSP) applications such as a web crawler, camera, and songs. The welcome screen provides a quick alternative route to access popular Android games and has a Google play store, which allows you to access games and other Android applications. Besides, you can download the APKs from your work station. The entire monitor view edition, a screen capture facility and graphics allow you to oscillate between DirectX and OpenGL.To enable you to maneuver smoothly on the screen, you can allot some functions to some keys. The drawback to this emulator is that help may not be forthcoming as the developers folded up, and you will need to search online for assistance.


Genymotion is technical-oriented in comparison to other emulators and is ideal for games and android developers as opposed to novice gamers who need a more user-friendly emulator. It comes with high-tech features that allow you to carry out application trials on numerous devices remotely using different editions of Android. It’s suitable for use with macOS, Linux, Android studio, and Android SDK and runs on Android versions 4.1 to 8.0 editions. Besides other standard specifications, Genymotion being a more technical-inclined emulator requires 18.04 edition of Ubuntu and above, which is a type of Linux, an open-source software. Before using it, you need to sign on for a profile and activate virtualization technology and load the newest edition of VirtualBox. It’s flexible as it allows you to select a smartphone that you want to mimic and also select any Android edition. Google play store is not pre-loaded, although you can install GApps physically. There is an on-stream feature modeled on the cloud that you can use within the web-crawler, but you will need to ask for a confidential leeway from the Administrator.

Cost: Free/Pay package 136 USD annually


Also referred to as DuOS and was designed by MegaTrends.Having Virtualisation technology activated and version of 4.0 or over of MS net framework loaded is a prerequisite. It’s Android 5.1 Lollipop-oriented, and there is an alternative to load the Jelly-bean edition. Google play store is not pre-installed; instead, it has an Amazon App store, which is a mismatch when compared to the former, although this doesn’t have to give you a headache as there is the fallback of option in that you can load APKs.In terms of equipment, it works well with exterior hardware as well as the gamepad. The set-up kit allows you to allocate the size of the memory. Another fantastic aspect is that you can have the admin login credentials, and this will enable you to carry out more creative tasks. Unfortunately, you cannot assign some functions to some keys on this emulator, and this scales down its user-friendliness, but you may link an exterior gamepad.

Cost: Trial/Pay package 10-15 USD


It’s more of system software that restarts automatically upon setting up some space in the memory of the work station. It follows, therefore, that when you restart the workstation, you will see two restart alternatives, which are PrimeOS and Windows OS. Prime OS intersection is orderly and provides the breathtaking look of the work station monitor powered by Android. The integration of good features such as a toolbar and display menu provides an enjoyable experience. As it’s an operating system, it incorporates well with the hardware in comparison to emulator based arrangement. Designated gaming attributes such as the Decapro mapping kit, control parameters, and gaming center enable you to organize your games better. Google play store is pre-loaded, and this emulator is ideal for an old workstation and supports several windows.

10.Android Studio

Just like Genymotion, the android studio is ideal for developers or tech-savvy gamers. It comes with tailor-made characteristics like a Layout tester and APK analyzer to facilitate testing of your gaming ideas as well as the battery robustness, systems interconnection, and memory space. The android studio emanates from Google and is unsuitable for all-round applications playing purpose because it’s in-built emulator has minimum attributes, and this makes it fare worse than Genymotion in terms of comparison. Besides, it’s complex to configure, but as mentioned earlier, it’s suitable for seasoned developers, and Its selling point is the fact that it’s from Google, free, and updates are consistent.

Specifications Requirements

  • 3 GB Random Access Memory.
  • Linux, Windows, or Mac.
  • Hard disk drive with 2GB slot
  • The lowest screen resolution should be 1280*800


Before you arrive at the decision on which is the best Android emulator for your PC, you need first to establish your android applications’ needs, user-friendliness, specifications required, availability of updates, and even costs involved. However, your android needs are paramount and should surpass other considerations like costs.